Theresa May

Theresa is a licensed Master Social Worker and holds a Master of Divinity degree. She has been an involved and active citizen for over twenty-one years and holds many volunteer positions in the town presently. Theresa has a proven track record of successfully and compassionately serving the people who are entrusted to her care in her Community, Church, and place of employment.

Presently she serves on the following:

Gates Amita Club Member and Publicity Coordinator

Gates Chili Chamber of Commerce Member

Gates Garden Club President, Historian and Publicity Coordinator

Gates Historical Society Member

Gates Library Trustee and Friend of the Gates Library

Gates Planning Board

Friend of the Gates Recreation Department

Graduate of the Gates Citizens Police Academy and Neighborhood Watch

St. Theodores Parish Council Member and VP of the Rosary Society

Former Gates Conservation Advisory Board Member

CPR and Narcan trained through Gates to Recovery

Graduate of Gates Fire Citizens Fire Academy

Endorsed by Rochester and Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation-COPE ( Committee and Political Education)

Endorsed by the Democrat Party and Working Families Party

Candidate Statement

Keeping Our Town Safe

As a Social Worker I have seen the effects of elder and child abuse. As a Service Coordinator who worked in the field of disabilities, I have seen the impact that bullying, and suicide has had on families. I have seen families destroyed by drugs and alcohol. Continuing to partner with the Gates Fire Department, Ambulance, Schools, Churches, Business Owners, Non-Profit Agencies, Library, Community Partners and Residents in our town to find solutions and to build a strong and safe community is vital to the optimal health and well being of our residents.

Keeping Our Town Affordable

As your councilwomen this will be done by inviting and including our residents to participate and have a say in the town plan and budget. This ensures fiscal responsibility and that the needs of the residents are adequately met. This ensures that our hopes, dreams and visions for our town now and in the future are met. I seek to form a task force to promote affordable housing and homeownership, seeking out grants for those in need of home repairs, educating on energy efficient homes which promotes a green environment and reduces energy costs. This in turn builds up our tax base and aid in school funding.

Improving the Quality of Life of our Residents

As your Councilwoman I will continue to advocate for free and low-cost recreational activities and services in our town which improve the quality of life of residents and helps them to obtain tools to acquire social mobility.




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