Thank you for your willingness to Get Involved! We need your feedback and concerns about the Town and our campaign. If you are a Gates resident on a busy street, please email us and offer to host a lawn sign. If you are a registered Democrat residing in Gates, consider joining our rapidly growing committee. If you are not a Gates resident, consider a donation to help restore two party government to the Town of Gates and use the attached form.

Thank you!

Bill Kiley, Town Leader, Gates Democratic Committee

29 Burning Brush Dr
Rochester, NY 14606
H: (585) 247-9687
C: (585) 455-0210
Committee Phone: (585) 348-7564

>> Download the volunteer form here.

The most important thing that you can do is simply ...

Follow the link above to find all you need to know about registering, downloading the required form or information about where the form may be obtained and more.